Il Profumo

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Il Profumo

Il Profumo is an Italian luxury fragrance brand founded by Silvana Casoli in 2003. The brand is known for its artisanal fragrances made with high-quality, natural ingredients. Each fragrance is carefully crafted by Silvana Casoli and her team, who draw inspiration from the beauty and traditions of Italy.

Il Profumo offers a wide range of fragrances for both men and women. Some of their most popular fragrances include "Chocolat Frais," a sweet and spicy scent with notes of chocolate and ginger; "Patchouli Noir," a warm and woody scent with notes of patchouli and musk; and "Vanille Bourbon," a sweet and creamy scent with notes of vanilla and tonka bean.

The brand also offers a range of fragrances inspired by different regions of Italy, including "Sicilian Vanilla," "Amalfi Citrus," and "Venetian Blue." In addition to fragrances, Il Profumo also offers a selection of scented candles, body lotions, and shower gels.

Il Profumo fragrances are known for their high-quality and long-lasting scent, as well as their unique and sophisticated scent profiles. They are a great choice for anyone who appreciates artisanal fragrances made with natural ingredients and a commitment to quality.