Lattafa Perfume

Lattafa Perfume

Lattafa Perfumes is a Dubai-based fragrance brand that was founded in 2010. The brand offers a wide range of high-quality and affordable perfumes, colognes, and attars that are inspired by traditional Arabian scents and Western perfumery.

Some of the most popular Lattafa Perfumes scents for men and women include:

For Men:

  • Raghba
  • Ameer Al Oudh
  • Sheikh Al Shuyukh
  • Raheeq Al Attar
  • Oud Mood
  • Al Dur Al Maknoon

For Women:

  • Raghba For Women
  • Amwaj Al Oudh
  • Hawa
  • Afeef Malaki
  • Haneen
  • Khulasat Al Oudh

Lattafa Perfumes is known for its long-lasting fragrances that feature high-quality ingredients such as oud, rose, musk, and amber. The brand's fragrances are also popular for their unique and exotic scent profiles, which are inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Middle East. In addition to its impressive range of fragrances, Lattafa Perfumes also offers a selection of body sprays, lotions, and oils that complement its scents.