Orto Parisi Perfume

Orto Parisi Perfume

Orto Parisi is a niche perfume brand founded by the Italian perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri in 2014. The brand is known for creating fragrances that are bold, daring, and unconventional, with scents that are inspired by the darker side of nature and the human experience.

Some popular Orto Parisi fragrances include:

  1. Boccanera - A unisex fragrance that features notes of black pepper, patchouli, and musk, creating a dark and sensual scent.

  2. Megamare - A unisex fragrance that blends the scents of saltwater, seaweed, and amber, creating a fresh and invigorating scent inspired by the sea.

  3. Terroni - A unisex fragrance that features notes of tomato leaves, fig, and hay, creating a earthy and herbaceous scent inspired by the Italian countryside.

  4. Stercus - A unisex fragrance that combines the scents of civet, coffee, and leather, creating a deep and animalic scent.

Overall, Orto Parisi fragrances are known for their bold and distinctive scents, with many featuring unusual and unexpected ingredients. The fragrances are designed for those who are looking for a fragrance that is provocative, daring, and unforgettable.