Paco Rabanne Cologne

Paco Rabanne Cologne

Paco Rabanne is a French fashion designer known for his innovative designs and use of unconventional materials. He launched his first fragrance, Calandre, in 1969, and since then, the Paco Rabanne brand has released numerous colognes for men.

Some popular Paco Rabanne colognes for men include:

  1. Paco Rabanne Pour Homme - a classic fragrance released in 1973 with a fresh, aromatic scent.

  2. Invictus - a modern and energetic fragrance launched in 2013 with notes of grapefruit, sea salt, and ambergris.

  3. 1 Million - a bold and luxurious scent released in 2008 with notes of blood mandarin, peppermint, and leather.

  4. Pure XS - a spicy and seductive fragrance launched in 2017 with notes of ginger, vanilla, and myrrh.

  5. XS - a classic fragrance released in 1994 with a fresh, woody scent.

Overall, Paco Rabanne colognes are known for their unique and sophisticated scents, and they have been popular choices among men for many years.